The Witness

Category: Book ReviewsAuthor: Dee HendersonGenre: FictionPublisher: Tyndale House PublishersPublished: 2/1/2006Page Count: 378ISBN: 978-1414308128Read: 2019 12Police Chief Luke Granger’s witness to a murder, Amy Griffin, has been on the run for… Read more »

Lucky’s Marines: Books 1-6

Category: Book ReviewsSeries: Lucky MarinesPublisher: Amazon DigitalPublished: Sept 2019Page Count: 1700Read: 2019 10″Like Starship Troopers on crack!” -Goodreads reviewer Over 1,500 pages of nonstop action! Ambushed behind enemy lines and left for… Read more »

Earth Space Service

Category: Book ReviewsAuthor: james David VictorGenre: FictionSeries: Earth Space ServicePublisher: Fairfield PublishingPublished: july 17 2019Page Count: 932Read: 2019 10Sergeant Andrea “Andy” Dolan and her squad of Space Marines are trained… Read more »

The Last Target

Category: Book ReviewsAuthor: Christy BarrittGenre: FictionSeries Number: 1Publishers: Love Inspired, river heightsPublished: 9/6/2011Page Count: 224ISBN: 978-0373444588Read: 20190 10The paper found in a terrorist’s pocket holds six names—and single mom Rachel… Read more »

The Hidden Wizard Series

Category: Book ReviewsAuthor: Vaughan SmithGenre: FictionSeries: The Hidden WizardPublisher: Fair FolioPublished: 2019Page Count: 1362Read: 2019 09Alrion doesn’t know the power inside him. He’s more surprised than anyone when he discovers… Read more »

The Spiral Wars Books 1-4

Category: Book ReviewsAuthor: Joel ShepherdGenre: FictionSeries: The Spiral WarsSeries Number: 1-4Publisher: AmazonPublished: august 2015Page Count: 1000Read: 2019 09One thousand years after Earth was destroyed in an unprovoked attack, humanity has… Read more »

Exit Wounds

Category: Book ReviewsAuthor: Taylor MichaelsGenre: FictionSeries: Sonoran Security AgencySeries Number: 3Publisher: Bella Media ManagementPublished: Jan 2017Page Count: 257Read: 2019 09One night, Jillian Connors returned home to find items taken and… Read more »