A note on the Bible Versions

Do you practice Bible Preservation?

A note of warning to pastor’s that don’t take a stand on the Bible.

In Sunday School this morning we were going over some of the differences between Modernism and Fundamentalism. It accrued to me that there are a lot of people that would say that they believe in the Inspired, Infallible, Unerring Word of God but be Modernist in regard to the Bible.

How can that be? They don’t believe in preservation of God’s Word. When Moses wrote Genesis it was inspired, unerring, infallible – but we have copies of copies of copies. So we aren’t sure what we have now – that’s modernism also. This is the thought process of some – but you say we teach the Bible has been preserved. Preaching that the Bible is preserved is great, that is part of the whole counsel of God, BUT do you live it? I have noticed that Churches don’t do congregational readings. Why is that? Is it because you would have a hodge-podge of readings. Some of your members would read “this” version, some this, some that, a few here, and a few there; get the idea! If an unsaved person would listen to that mess would he come away with the impression that the Church doesn’t know what / which is the Word of God. Knowing which one is, is important – very important. Why – because of the verses in Rev. 22:18+19. After that condemnation check out Acts 8:37. The KJV has that verse, the NIV doesn’t. It may be in the NIV Bible that you look at but the translation doesn’t. The publisher put it in, and it should be noted as such. The two Bibles, two set of translators, the ones that preach and promote their versions; one set falls under this condemnation. To me Rev. 22:18+19 is a great compliment to preservation. What a cruel God to say that and then not preserve His word in such a manor that we would know what it is. But God is loving, not cruel, and He has preserved His Word in a way that we may know what it is.

One more thought – those that refuse to take a stand on what is God’s Word should take a look at Rev. 3:14-16. I Don’t know if that would be a correct application of this text, but it would be a needed study if one is not taking a stand.