Against “Outcome Based “Christianity”

Outcome Based Christianity

So what does it mean? It means I am against looking at the results only, to see if something is right or not, neglecting the method and organization of the work. The ends justifies the means, that is not what I read in the Bible. God has put certain procedures and methods in place for which He has said He will work through. There are certain things that was given to the Church, and no one else, and etc. There are many “good works” being done today, by mostly people that I think are honest, truthful, and sincere but have neglected to see what God has said about this or that item.


Building the number of people in the Church has become the base for how things are done. We want a lot of people at our church so we will change things to get to that point. No, No, No. These books written on marketing the Church and how to get them to come are not even fit for the local dump, much less as a guide for our Churches. Jesus will build HIS Church; not us – not even the pastor’s. We are to go and witness trying to be used to convert them. See most of these marketing books is how to get them to come, but Jesus said to GO. (Matt. 28:19; Acts 2:47)

Promise Keepers – There has been so much said and proven about how Promise Keepers violate God’s Word that I shall only say that I stand with God and His Word (For more info. check out the Fundamental Baptist Link).

Evangelicals and Catholics Together Document – Right after this came out the Evangelicals where taken to task on this – How can Salvation by Grace work next to ceremonalism Salvation – they can’t. some of the signers tried to back tract but they can’t. To my knowledge not a one of the signers has repented and denounced the letter. Unity is the issue here. First let me say that I grew up a Catholic, looked into the Priesthood, but God saved me instead and I had to leave Catholicism.
If one knew just a little of what Catholics teach about Jesus; Eucharist; Mass; Mary; etc. one will quickly see that those that hold Sola Scripture have NOTHING more in common with Catholics then with the Jehovah Witness (which has Jesus turning into God). Catholics deny justification by faith alone. They said God lied when He said ‘For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’; for they teach Mary was sinless and never had ‘original sin’ (Immaculate Conception – p. 285 The Catholic Encyclopedia 3rd printing).
So here we are trying to get more numbers again, but we forgot, or turned purposefully away from God. God set up how unity happens and we can’t make it; it is a process of God; why didn’t Jesus ask us to be one instead of praying to His Father; because we can’t do this ourselves, true unity is in truth- which is an attribute of God. Our unity is in Christ Jesus, which means salvation is part of our unity – we are in Christ by (to put it simply) salvation. These proponents of this thinking also says that we don’t love enough by wanting to separate ourselves from error and unbelievers. I say they don’t have a clue as to what true love is. Matt. 18:15-20 is ultimate love. How can one say they love someone and leave them in their sin. One of the purposes of separation is for the restoration of the believer. 1John 1:5-2:2 is how to restore fellowship with the Father, Matt. 18:15-20 is how we can help one another to see our need of those verses. What a cruel person it is that sees a damaging sin in my life and under the mistaken cover of love doesn’t bring it to my attention in a Biblical way, but instead leaves me in the pit of sin. The same goes for witnessing – most would say that it is a cruel thing to know how to be saved and keep it to ourselves and not tell others the way out of the Lake of Fire. Paul loved God, His Church, and His children more than most anyone else, but he did this so-called un-loving thing in 1 Corinthians 5, but it was for both the Church’s and the individuals well being that separation must have taken place. The goal was fulfilled – 2 Corinthians 2. That man I would guess loved Paul, for loving him enough to obey God when it was hard to do, for now that man had a restored fellowship with God.

CCM – which isn’t called sacred music for obvious reasons. This also has been documented greatly. Our stand is listed in the Music Standards page. But again what God has said about the purpose, use, etc. has been disregarded.

I hope that these examples show what Against Outcome based “Christianity” means.

(c) copyright 1997 by Michael Litza