Bible Study idea.

Bible Study

In the course of time, I have come to the point where bible studies or devotional seem to be to restricted. There are some very good bible studies and devotional out there but in the end, you learn what they want you to learn. It seems that the ones that had the less amount of material but very good and pointed questions were the ones that seemed to help the most in getting the meaning of the scriptures. This made me start looking at what really would be a good set of questions to ask or use in the studying of each verse / paragraph of the Bible. So I have come up with a set of Questions to ask when studying the Bible. I first read the book that I am going to study once a day for 30 days then I go back and take a paragraph a day and study it and answer these questions.

1.      Date

2.      Book Chapter Verses

3.      what is the principal subject of the verses?

4.      who are the principal characters?

5.      what does it teach about the Father?

6.      what does it teach about the Son?

7.      what does it teach about the Holy Spirit?

8.      is there an example for me to follow?

9.      is there any error for me to avoid?

10.  is there any duty for me to perform?

11.  is there any promises for me to claim?

12.  is there any prayer for me to echo?

13.  is the passage to the lost or saved?

14.  what is the key verse?

15.  explain the key verse and study word by word

16.  Any other observations?

17. what Life application comes out of this – Practical theology

(just what does all this mean to me)

18. What Doctrinal / topical areas does it cover or touch upon?

19. Is there a Shall not  and a Shall Do to document.

20. Now study it as though you will be teaching it!

NOTE: I do not suggest using a method like this if you don’t have already a working knowledge of at least each New Testament Books, and how they go together. Studying – Judge not; without knowing elsewhere God says Judge righteous judgments would be very dangerous.