Bible Study Lessons

I am currently in the process of putting on this web site, Bible Lessons for grades 2 – 7 that includes 180 lessons each.  It is being done to teach our children how to study the Bible, but as I complete the grades I will post them on this site for you to see and use if you so choose.

3rd Grade  PDF Document

4th Grade Word Document

5th Grade PDF Document

6th Grade (not online yet)

7th Grade (not online yet)

These are based on the KJV, the questions may not work with the other text.

We also have created an Microsoft Access97 file to keep records of our school year and what is going on.  It is set up for us, We used it last year and so far this year and it has helped a lot.  Right now all of the data is set up for Indiana.  If you want to download and take a look at it just click.

These files are either Microsoft Word, or Acess97 format.  If you don’t have Word there is still a way to view and print these out, you can download a free Word viewer from Microsoft Web site.  As far as I know there is no viewer for Access. OpenOffice is a free office suite that has a word processor and other items.  OpenOffice can be found at