Faith Promise Giving

Author: John Halsey
#_of_pages: 89
rating: 8
purchase: BIMI
Category: Evangelism
dewey: 266

Review: This book is divided up into 2 parts.
P. 1-36 explain Faith Promise Giving
P. 37-89 are for the Pastor to do Faith Promise Giving.
It is a well written book. There are different Faith Promise giving techniques out there. This book deals with giving for missions. He does a great job explaining the scriptures that he uses and sets forth his interpretation. I agree completely on his interpretation but his application we slightly disagree. I think that the Great Commission does not allow you the choice of supporting missions or not, it is commanded. He uses 2Cor. 8, 9, 10, and some other verses for the discussion. He keeps saying that it was a special offering. I agree totally – in 2Cor 8-10 this is a special offering not a regular missionary support. It was for a special need. I am not able to say it was a special need then apply it to regular month support of a missionary. I gave this book a rating of 8 yet I wrote all this to say I disagree. It boils down to this, I don’t think with this books application enough is giving to God’s work. If you would follow this book, your Church most likely would double or more their missionary giving, but that in and of it self is not necessarily all good. There is more to Church finances then just giving more to missions. If the Great Commission is a command, then perhaps our idea of the Church budget should change. There are only a few things that God has said to give to, but have we added something’s thereby taking money away from what the Word of God has said to give to. I have not spent a great deal of time on this subject and am sure not even a 10th of the time that He has given to this study, as well as the time my Pastor has spent studing this.  I highly recommend this book and my Pastor I think would say no Pastor should be without it. .