Heroes of the Faith – Martin Luther

Author: Edwin Booth
#_of_pages: 206
rating: 6
Category: Biography
dewey: 280

Review: It is as good a book at the others in the Heroes of the Faith collection. It is favorable of Luther and makes known some of his beliefs. In this you see where he error. He was Catholic but didn’t like indulgences – there is so much more wrong with the Catholic Church then indulgences and Papacy Authority. He missed totally that the Church teaches another gospel – works! The book puts him as a reformer, not necessarily a defender of the faith. It ends even saying that Luther was guided by conscience more than by the Word of God. I don’t know much about Luther, and being an ex-catholic I am not impressed with Luther after reading this book. He missed so much and this book shows it. I don’t think they wanted to make Luther look bad, but the way the book goes, he wasn’t all that great, just the Catholic Church was just that bad so the comparison made him look great. All men have faults, no one is perfect that is living on this earth right now. This book does put Luther as a common persons preacher.
His heart was humble, gentle, and honestly searching for God’s direction. He as all of us though sometimes mess up.
It is a good book about Luther but I would not suggest it till the 9th grade or so because it puts forth some teachings that are contrary to the Word of God and younger children may not as easily see the errors since they are praised (per-say) in the book.