Mental Flexibility Test – answers

1. Letters of the Alphabet

2. Wonders of the Ancient World

3. Arabian Nights

4. Signs of the Zodiac

5. Cards in a Deck (with jokers)

6. Planets in the Solar System

7. Piano Keys

8. Stripes on the American Flag

9. Holes on a Golf Course

10. Degrees Fahrenheit at which water freezes

11. Sides on a Stop Sign

12.  Dollars for Passing go in Monopoly

13. Blind Mice (see how they run)

14. Degrees in a right angle.

15.  Quarts in a Gallon

16.  Hours in a Day

17,. Wheels on a Unicycle

18. Digits in a Zip Code

19. Heinz Variety

20. Players on a football team

21. Words that a picture is worth

22.  Days in February in Leap Year

23. Squares on a Checkerboard

24. Days and Nights of the Great flood

25. Days to go around the World

26.  number it takes to tango