The Soul Winner

Author: Charles Spurgeon
Publisher: Pilgrim publications
#_of_pages: 213
rating: 6
purchase: ?
Category: Evangelism
Dewey: 269.2
ISBN: n/a

Review: This book is a compilation of different lectures he gave to his students and at other occasions. It is generally written for the Pastor and not the layperson for alot is about how to do soul winning in the church, not your personal life.
I disagree on about 5 points he tried to make but the book is good in giving ideas and to see what he believed in certain areas. I would not recommended for the average layperson, the money spent on this would be wiser used on other evangelism books.

He covers on P.14 decline in church membership.
P.21 feelings in Salvation, we must be people of emotion equal to sound doctrine – not one over another; unregenerate man does not have a spirit.
P.30-34 Lordship Salvation – you aren’t saved unless you live Godly. I don’t think Spurgeon believes in a back slidden Christian.
P34-36 Spurgeon warns of taking in a newly professed Christian – until you see a change – I totally disagree – this is opposite of what God did in Acts not to mention the one that needs the protection of the church most is a new born baby.
P. 74-75 evident earnestness – I think is the key to Spurgeons great success.
p. 95+96 preach in common terms not theological “lingo”.
P.123 he seems to argue that you must be so good already to be saved – awareness of one’s sins are a necessity to salvation, but not everyone of our sins (as it seems he thinks).
P. 127 Sort of sounds like anything goes when it comes to trying to get someone saved?
P. 137-139 the common Wednesday night service I have seen – Spurgeon was against.