Month: January 2011

The Soul Winner

Author: Charles Spurgeon Publisher: Pilgrim publications #_of_pages: 213 rating: 6 purchase: ? Category: Evangelism Dewey: 269.2 ISBN: n/a Review: This book is a compilation of different lectures he gave to… Read more »

More than Conquerors

Author: Tim Dowley Publisher: Moody Bible Institute #_of_pages: 360 rating: 7 purchase: ? Category: Biography dewey: 209.22 isbn: 0-8024-9054-9 Review: Good book to get you interested in reading biographies on… Read more »

Faith Promise Giving

Author: John Halsey #_of_pages: 89 rating: 8 purchase: BIMI Category: Evangelism dewey: 266 Review: This book is divided up into 2 parts. P. 1-36 explain Faith Promise Giving P. 37-89… Read more »