Church Planting Primer

Author: Grant G. Rice Publisher: Tabernacle Press #_of_pages: ? rating: 8 Category: Church Review: very good book to use in starting a new church. Even young churches could be benefited by this book. He does put to much emphasis on the church teaching. we are to study ourselves and the church is an equipter. The... Continue Reading →

A note on the Bible Versions

Do you practice Bible Preservation? A note of warning to pastor's that don't take a stand on the Bible. In Sunday School this morning we were going over some of the differences between Modernism and Fundamentalism. It accrued to me that there are a lot of people that would say that they believe in the... Continue Reading →

Bible Study Lessons

I am currently in the process of putting on this web site, Bible Lessons for grades 2 - 7 that includes 180 lessons each.  It is being done to teach our children how to study the Bible, but as I complete the grades I will post them on this site for you to see and use if you... Continue Reading →

Doctrinal Outline study idea.

I love verse by verse study and preaching, but - It is hard to put together how all the aspects or parts of different doctrines fit together when you do it only in a verse by verse way. I also love reading good books that hit hard on the doctrines of the Bible. So I... Continue Reading →

Bible Study idea.

Bible Study In the course of time, I have come to the point where bible studies or devotional seem to be to restricted. There are some very good bible studies and devotional out there but in the end, you learn what they want you to learn. It seems that the ones that had the less... Continue Reading →

An Idea on Keeping tract of Articles and such.

I have accumulated over the past few years a good number of Articles and such about all different topics. I am now getting about 12 different publications a month to keep tract of. I have various different medias also with information - Magazines, Newsletters, files, computer files, books, etc. I now had enough information that I need... Continue Reading →

Music Standard

"O come let us sing unto the Lord let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation." Psalms 95:1 Music content Music ministry Music resources What Child is this played on a Yamaha S80 Keyboard - Guitar Sounds The Stone is Rolled Away God has Given us Rainbows - sung to the... Continue Reading →

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