3rd Grade

3rd Grade info.

This 3rd grade Bible study is designed to take a student through the Gospel of John paragraph by paragraph.  It is designed around the study program that I have developed for my own use, but that is done verse by verse.  The passage will be looked at and 1 or 2 questions will need to be answered that will hopefully bring the message of the verse to light.  The questions will fall under the questions that are listed on the next page.  The Gospel of John is a good book for showing Jesus as the Son of God.  We will be looking at Jesus for the most part.  Most of the questions will be centered either around Jesus or what this means to me.  Memory Verses have been suggested but if the child is in A.W.A.N.A., Master Clubs, Patch the Pirate or something, just use their verses.  Last year in this program the student listened through the Bible.  Even though that was done this time, before studying the verses the student will read the next couple of lessons a few times.  It is wise to study the passages in the context of the verses around it.  This will also set up a good habit for when they are older.
For reading I would not suggest that the student reads the reading assignment straight from the Bible.  That would be too much reading at this age, and they wouldn’t get anything out of it.  Either read it to them, then they will need to read some to answer the questions, or we use a computer Bible reading program.  They can type in the verses that they want to read, and it will read the verses to them as they are displayed on the screen, to be read along with.
This is part of a grade 2 – 7 program.  It will be about the same through the 5th grade just getting more questions and harder.  6th grade will do some like this but also introduce Bible study books.
We will also have a review quiz once a month which will go over what was learned.  It will be questions which they have already done but worded differently.
In devotionals red means help from teacher to explain.  Green means you need to do something
Bible study
  1. Date
  2. Book Chapter Verses
  3. what is the principal subject of the verses?
  4. who are the principal characters?
  5. what does it teach about the Father?
  6. what does it teach about the Son?
  7. what does it teach about the Holy Spirit?
  8. is there an example for me to follow?
  9. is there any error for me to avoid?
  10. is there any duty for me to perform?
  11. is there any promises for me to claim?
  12. is there any prayer for me to echo?
  13. is the passage to the lost or saved?
  14. what is the key verse?
  15. explain the key verse and study word by word
  16. Any other observations?
  17. what Life application comes out of this – Practical theology
(just what does all this mean to me)
  1. What Doctrinal / topical areas does it cover or touch upon?