Myth of Early Revisions

Author: David F. Reagan
Publisher: Way of Life Literature
#_of_pages: 17
rating: 8
purchase: Way of Life literature -internet
Category: OTHER
dewey: 220.520 3
isbn: none

Review: great book dealing with the lies about the KJV being revised 4 times since its 1st publishing

More than Conquerors

Author: Tim Dowley
Publisher: Moody Bible Institute
#_of_pages: 360
rating: 7
purchase: ?
Category: Biography
dewey: 209.22
isbn: 0-8024-9054-9

Review: Good book to get you interested in reading biographies on people.
The write up on Elizabeth Dole was to liberated written, it was like they had to put this in the book or something might have been said because it wasn’t there.
It just didn’t fit when compared to what was written of the other people and what they have done.
The rest of the people have been great men + women of the Lord. Short 1 – 2 pages on each person.
Includes people from now to early church history.

Is Today’s Christian Music Sacred?

Author: Gordon E. Sears
Publisher: ?
#_of_pages: 32
rating: 6
purchase: Way of Life Literature
Category: Music
dewey: 783
isbn: none

Review: Not a good pounding of Scripture but just laid it on the line.
I can see some of his arguments being easily dismissed by those that promot un-Godly music, for it was based on tradition + man not scripture.
There are better books on this subject – but this is a great attention getter at only 37 pages.

John Gill and the cause of God and Truth

Author: George M. Ella
Publisher: Go Publications
#_of_pages: 295 before references
rating: 6
Category: Biography
dewey: 286.1
ISBN: 0-9527074-0-3

Review: This book seemed that the reader needed a good knowledge about gill’s time to understand and keep tract of things.   He bounces around alot.
It appears the Mr. Ella is mostly concerned with showing John Gill as not being ‘hyper-Calvinist’.

Heroes of the Faith – Martin Luther

Author: Edwin Booth
#_of_pages: 206
rating: 6
Category: Biography
dewey: 280

Review: It is as good a book at the others in the Heroes of the Faith collection. It is favorable of Luther and makes known some of his beliefs. In this you see where he error. He was Catholic but didn’t like indulgences – there is so much more wrong with the Catholic Church then indulgences and Papacy Authority. He missed totally that the Church teaches another gospel – works! The book puts him as a reformer, not necessarily a defender of the faith. It ends even saying that Luther was guided by conscience more than by the Word of God. I don’t know much about Luther, and being an ex-catholic I am not impressed with Luther after reading this book. He missed so much and this book shows it. I don’t think they wanted to make Luther look bad, but the way the book goes, he wasn’t all that great, just the Catholic Church was just that bad so the comparison made him look great. All men have faults, no one is perfect that is living on this earth right now. This book does put Luther as a common persons preacher.
His heart was humble, gentle, and honestly searching for God’s direction. He as all of us though sometimes mess up.
It is a good book about Luther but I would not suggest it till the 9th grade or so because it puts forth some teachings that are contrary to the Word of God and younger children may not as easily see the errors since they are praised (per-say) in the book.

Heroes of the Faith – Charles Spurgeon

Author: J.C. Carlilie
#_of_pages: 205
rating: 8
Category: Biography
dewey: 286.1

Review:  Nice Starter book for Biographies. For Home education I would say at 5th grade this book would be good to read. It is not nearly as detailed as Spurgeon Prince of Preachers book but it is not suppose to be. It treated Spurgeon well, and I found no conflicting statements between this and other Spurgeon biographies I have read. Casual reading and enjoyable. If your not familiar with Spurgeon, you should read this to get a glimpse of the man.

Faith Promise Giving

Author: John Halsey
#_of_pages: 89
rating: 8
purchase: BIMI
Category: Evangelism
dewey: 266

Review: This book is divided up into 2 parts.
P. 1-36 explain Faith Promise Giving
P. 37-89 are for the Pastor to do Faith Promise Giving.
It is a well written book. There are different Faith Promise giving techniques out there. This book deals with giving for missions. He does a great job explaining the scriptures that he uses and sets forth his interpretation. I agree completely on his interpretation but his application we slightly disagree. I think that the Great Commission does not allow you the choice of supporting missions or not, it is commanded. He uses 2Cor. 8, 9, 10, and some other verses for the discussion. He keeps saying that it was a special offering. I agree totally – in 2Cor 8-10 this is a special offering not a regular missionary support. It was for a special need. I am not able to say it was a special need then apply it to regular month support of a missionary. I gave this book a rating of 8 yet I wrote all this to say I disagree. It boils down to this, I don’t think with this books application enough is giving to God’s work. If you would follow this book, your Church most likely would double or more their missionary giving, but that in and of it self is not necessarily all good. There is more to Church finances then just giving more to missions. If the Great Commission is a command, then perhaps our idea of the Church budget should change. There are only a few things that God has said to give to, but have we added something’s thereby taking money away from what the Word of God has said to give to. I have not spent a great deal of time on this subject and am sure not even a 10th of the time that He has given to this study, as well as the time my Pastor has spent studing this.  I highly recommend this book and my Pastor I think would say no Pastor should be without it. .

Church Planting Primer

Author: Grant G. Rice
Publisher: Tabernacle Press
#_of_pages: ?
rating: 8
Category: Church

Review: very good book to use in starting a new church. Even young churches could be benefited by this book. He does put to much emphasis on the church teaching. we are to study ourselves and the church is an equipter. The church teaching seemed to over shadow the personal study of the Word of God.  But this is for Church’s and not a complete study of Bible Studying or Personal Studying.  That needs to be kept in mind.    P64 + 65 very good intro into giving.

don’t have the book any more, and don’t remember how many pages where in it.