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Lectures in Systematic Theology

Categories: Book Reviews, ReligiousAuthor: Henry C. ThiessenGenre: DoctrinalPublished: 1/30/1989Page Count: 450ISBN: 0802835295In this comprehensive introduction to systematic theology, Thiessen addresses a wide range of substantive issues in sections on theism,… Read more »

The Acts of the Apostles

Categories: Bible, Book Reviews, ReligiousAuthor: G. Campbell MorganGenre: DoctrinalPublished: 2/8/2012Page Count: 547ISBN: 1608992985About the Contributor(s): G. Campbell Morgan (1863-1945) was a leading Bible expositor in England and the United States…. Read more »

The Bible Exposition Commentary

Categories: Bible, Book Reviews, ReligiousAuthor: Warren WiersbeGenre: DoctrinalPublisher: Victor BooksPublished: 7/7/1989Page Count: 2ISBN: 0896936597All the New Testament “BE” books compiled in a handy, two-volume set. Study Matthew through Revelation in… Read more »

The Fundamentals

Categories: Bible, ReligiousAuthor: R. A. TorreyGenre: DoctrinalPublisher: Kregel PublicationsPublished: 2/23/1990Page Count: 716ISBN: 0825426332One of the greatest defenses of the faith that covers all the central teachings of Christianity, including the… Read more »

Christ is the Portrait of Love

15 characteristics of Love (all in the verb form). Not thoughts but actions that the Holy Spirit needs to show thru us.

Chapter and Verses

a copy of a document from Daniel Fuller Chapters and Verses — Late Comers by Daniel P. Fuller Parchment or papyrus were difficult to come by as materials upon which… Read more »


A Missionary came to our Church and brought a sheet of paper along that would help us pray for the unsaved around the World.  The idea of this sheet wasn’t… Read more »

Myth of Early Revisions

Author: David F. Reagan Publisher: Way of Life Literature #_of_pages: 17 rating: 8 purchase: Way of Life literature -internet Category: OTHER dewey: 220.520 3 isbn: none Review: great book dealing… Read more »