Children’s Bible Study

Welcome to our Homeschooling Bible Study for grades 2-8.

When my children were school age I decided to create our own Bible Study method.  I believe a systematic as well as a topical study of the Bible is the way we should learn, not just one way.  Our children were in a children's program and Sunday school at church so they had a lot of topical teaching, so I made their daily studies as verse by verse.  I tried to make these age appropriate.  Truthfully my goal was not for them to learn a specific thing, but to learn how to study the Bible for the rest of theirs life, it appears to have worked.  I created something for 2nd thru 6th grade and then used some good books for grade 7 and 8.

   In grade 3rd-6th you will see some Memory Verses.  I have left some of the verses that we did.  I took verses from the children's program and used those as the ones they should memorize.  This was a nice way to make sure they got through the whole book in a year for the Children's program.  I even used the memory verse area even when they had to do something instead of memorize.
For 2nd Grade I suggest printing out 1 of the 2 documents that lists each days reading assignment.  It is easier to have that with them when they go to the app or the webpage so they know what chapters to read today.

2nd Grade

Reading through the bible in a school year.

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3rd Grade
The Gospel of John 

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