Coc Warring


For War – Blackhawk, Eagle, or Baldeagle will fill up your defense clan castle troops during the prep stage. They have experimented with different combos and such and have figured out what seems to be best for our team, so you don’t need to worry about those, but definitely get your army attack clan castle troops when you are building your army.

For War – It seems that this would be a good way for you to look at what number you should attack. The number 1 and number 2 position will attack the enemy’s position one through 4. From here on the next 2 numbers should be able to take out the next 3 of the enemy’s positions. Number 3 +4 should attack number 5, 6, 7. This leaves an extra attack to fill in where needed. So numbers 5 and 6 should be able to take out the enemies 8, 9, and 10. Then our number 7 and 8 should be able to take out the enemies numbers 11, 12, and 13. Two people work together to take out three bases gives one extra attack. This is to protect for that fluke or just caught off guard attack or worse – lost connection right after the battle starts. This doesn’t mean that if we are playing 25 on 25 that the bottom 10 players don’t do anything. The bottom 10 players can attack whenever. This system gets you attacking a lower number than you and unless you are in the top 5, it will probably be even a lower number than the computer first suggests. This is my suggestion, not orders from the leaders. But I think if you are a TH7 you shouldn’t be attacking anything lower then a 6, and so on, unless the war dictates so.
Just because an enemy base has been 3 starred does not mean you can’t attack it again. When our team has pretty much 3 starred all the bases especially bottom half you should if you have an extra attack, attack a lower base so that you can get the war loot. You just need to get at least one star to get the war loot. If it has already been 3 starred and you only get one star you do not hurt our war numbers. Also if somebody attacked and only got 1 or 2 stars, you attacking and getting all 3 stars will help our war effort.

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