Is Today’s Christian Music Sacred?

Author: Gordon E. Sears Publisher: ? #_of_pages: 32 rating: 6 purchase: Way of Life Literature Category: Music dewey: 783 isbn: none Review: Not a good pounding of Scripture but just… Read more »

John Gill and the cause of God and Truth

Author: George M. Ella Publisher: Go Publications #_of_pages: 295 before references rating: 6 Category: Biography dewey: 286.1 ISBN: 0-9527074-0-3 Review: This book seemed that the reader needed a good knowledge… Read more »

Heroes of the Faith – Martin Luther

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Heroes of the Faith – Charles Spurgeon

Author: J.C. Carlilie #_of_pages: 205 rating: 8 Category: Biography dewey: 286.1 Review:  Nice Starter book for Biographies. For Home education I would say at 5th grade this book would be… Read more »

Faith Promise Giving

Author: John Halsey #_of_pages: 89 rating: 8 purchase: BIMI Category: Evangelism dewey: 266 Review: This book is divided up into 2 parts. P. 1-36 explain Faith Promise Giving P. 37-89… Read more »

Church Planting Primer

Author: Grant G. Rice Publisher: Tabernacle Press #_of_pages: ? rating: 8 Category: Church Review: very good book to use in starting a new church. Even young churches could be benefited… Read more »

A note on the Bible Versions

Do you practice Bible Preservation? A note of warning to pastor’s that don’t take a stand on the Bible. In Sunday School this morning we were going over some of… Read more »

Bible Study Lessons

I am currently in the process of putting on this web site, Bible Lessons for grades 2 – 7 that includes 180 lessons each.  It is being done to teach our children how… Read more »