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Debit Reduction calculations

This is an excel spreadsheet that will show you paying down your credit cards by just using a fix minimum amount.   This isn’t perfect but it is very close.  Just… Read more »

The Weeping Church

Author: Clayton Nuttal Publisher: RBP #_of_pages: ? rating: 5 purchase: RBP Category: Church Review: The Author does not believe that in Acts chapter 1 that this was the 12th Apostle;… Read more »

Tribulation Force

Author: Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins Publisher: Tyndale #_of_pages: audio mp3 rating: 6 purchase: christianaudio.com Category: Non-Fiction dewey: 236.9 Review: Must remember that this is just fake – but… Read more »

The Soul Winner

Author: Charles Spurgeon Publisher: Pilgrim publications #_of_pages: 213 rating: 6 purchase: ? Category: Evangelism Dewey: 269.2 ISBN: n/a Review: This book is a compilation of different lectures he gave to… Read more »