Accused (Pacific Coast Justice #1)

Series Number: 1
Published: 4/20/2012
Page Count: 455
ISBN: 9781410445681
Detective Carly Edwards hates working in juvenile--where the brass put her after an officer-involved shooting--and longs to be back on patrol. So when a troubled youth, Londy Atkins, is arrested for the murder of the mayor and Carly is summoned to the crime scene, she's eager for some action. Carly presses Londy for a confession but he swears his innocence, and despite her better judgment, Carly is inclined to believe him. Yet homicide is convinced…

What a dumb cop. From the beginning she messes up. She is off her game because of her own compatibility with her one night partner, if she really was a good cop he would not be throwing her off. She shoots an unarmed man. Not seeing her husband is cheating on her has nothing do with whether or not she’s a good cop or if she’s able to. She is blinded by her circumstances instead of being really good at where she is. Six months later she is still complaining instead of accepting. Someone dies and she thinks about herself and how it will help her. Even with the cop that was with her and she didn’t like when she shot the unarmed man, she still refuses to believe the cops are bad. Her blindness is really revolting. At the same time she won’t believe a cop is bad, at the first sign of a man’s infidelity she will accept it. She has informed that she should not trust anyone but what does she do she will write off tells people, is it a surprise that someone dies that night after she’s breaks the silence.
That was my impression halfway through the book. Just finished the book and she is still one stupid cop. There is a conspiracy all around her, she doesn’t know who she can trust, but she keeps telling people stuff she can’t keep anything to herself. This whole book would’ve fell apart if at any time she acted like a good cop.
All that being said the story itself was very good just the main character is horrible. Who was involved who wasn’t how things were done how things were found out were all well laid out thought out there were no real surprises.


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