Agents of the Crown 5 book series

eye of truth
Published: August 24 2018
Page Count: 256
After ten years at war, Jev Dharrow looks forward to hanging up his sword, relaxing with a cool mug of ale, and forgetting that the love of his life married another man while he was gone. But when his ship sails into port, a beautiful woman wearing the garb of an inquisitor from one of the religious orders waits to arrest him. His crime? He’s accused of stealing an ancient artifact with the power to…




Book 1  – 5 stars

Nice introduction to the characters and a nice story on its own.  I downloaded the rest of the books before I was even done with this book.  The characters were believable and relatable.  The main female character could be seen as changing too quickly but I give the benefit of the doubt to the author in that we don’t get much back story or history on how she was before the book begins, and we are thrown in the deep end right off the bat.  So assuming she wasn’t a clone of the other inquisitors (which is why she is better then them), it is believable.

Book 2 – 4.5 stars

Nice continuation of book 1.  I am really looking forward to the last book.  This author is throwing in a sentence here and there which is right in the context but I can see that it is pointing to something that will happen in the future, and it is exciting.  I am so looking to how she brings this tidbit to the story.  The story of this book was good.  Again like the 1st book it was a slow process to find the truth and it looked like you weren’t going anywhere but you were, very well done.

Book 3 – 5 stars

More action then the first 2 books and still a good story line and slow sequence of events leading to the solving of the story.  Again I saw glimpses of the end book and I am trying hard not to jump ahead and read the last book, I worry that it might be a let down.

Book 4 – 5 stars

Even more action by a little.  Another nice story and continuation, and it ended with the lead into the next book which is the story that was hinted about back in book 2.  People are staying true to themselves and she isn’t making people stupid or dumb all of a sudden to have to plot continue, very nice.  Again a slow meandering story that is a straight line from start to finish, but you are frustrated along with the characters at what appears to be no progress.  Very interesting the way these books are written.


Book 5 – 5 stars

The only reason I might make this 4.5 stars is the ending I saw coming 2+ books back.  But really that made it good.  These 5 books span on a few months and the story is told that way and it moved like that.  Very well done.