Alaskan Courage Series

Read: 2019 06

I was going to write a review for each individually but they all suffered from the same thing so here is a concise thought.

It just wasn’t believable.  There were 2 stories normally in each book, the main and the set up for the next book.  The main was just too out there.  You have a group of people that are really good at what they do, but they aren’t Navy Seals or Swat personnel.   They go along and what they should be really good at, and natural at, they mess up, but that which they have no training in and should be poor at, they seem to be great at.
I would say that the primary story of each book is what failed, the secondary story was interesting, but in the next book when they became primary it went off rails.  I think this is why I was able to do all the books, else I would have stopped at book 2.

Outside of the unbelievable parts it was well written and I could visualize where they were all the time.


read 2019 06 from library

1st book in series