Archangel One

Archangel One
Page Count: 268
An elite squadron must go undercover behind enemy lines in this thrilling new space adventure from the author of the Odyssey One series. Humanity has reached an uneasy truce with the Empire—but unless the allies bring the fight to the enemy, extinction is all but assured. In preparation for the inevitable next war, Commander Stephen Michaels is at the helm of the Archangel Squadron, and his orders are simple: go rogue. Disguised as mercenaries, Commander…

The idea and the story itself was great.  The earth characters I liked.  The other characters I couldn’t keep track of, too many different groups to keep up with, and no one I cared about.

The bad part is that there really was only a few pages that actually were about the story.  So much garbage inner monologue that you lose your place with what was going on when this rambling started?

Read book 1 and 2 of the series.
Archangel One and Archangel rising