Call of the Dragon

Call of the Dragon
Published: May 17, 2018
Page Count: 290
Read: 2020 01
A golden opportunity. A fiery companion. If she doesn't ride, the world may fall... Zara Kenrook has a nose for treasure and a knack for trouble. With her business strapped for cash, the ex-thief reluctantly accepts a job stealing a priceless artifact. But when she nabs the wrong precious object, she ends up bonded to a baby dragon for life... Forced into the rider's academy by the dragon rider she tried to rob, she trains…

Refreshingly quick read.  I have read a few military space series lately and they make the MC lose focus at important times, this author didn't.  The MC isn't military but she is a thief and supposedly a very good one, and throughout the book she was one.  I saw something that she didn't but it was understandable due to her loyalty trait.  This is a book that doesn't stand on it's own, I felt the need to check out the next book immediately.  I don't like stories left unfinished and this book main plot line is not done, not the undercurrent plot, but the main plot.

The MC is someone I think I will like following through the series and her dragon is awesome.  Reminded me of the female dragon at the end of the Heritage of Power series.  She is a real character and it seems the authors are hinting at she isn't a normal dragon, but that will have to be seen.


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