Castle Federation Book Series

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Instead of doing individual reviews for all the books in the series I will put them all here.

Book #1  Space Carrier Avalon      5 STARS
Great beginning to the series.  It had me hooked within 15 minutes.  I cared about the characters and I could visualize the interactions between them.  What I don’t like in books this didn’t have and I was really pulled along with the story.  There wasn’t much fighting or military action but that was okay.  Since of course the hero is always out manned or out gunned, it would be boring to have repeated and repeated and repeated battles with him.  Looks like the author took the Marvel way and had a nice battle mid-way and then the big battle at the end, which worked for me.

Book #2  Stellar Fox     5 STARS
Just like the first book but now he has some fame.  People die in this series and that is nice.  They are going up against huge odds and they shouldn’t all make it back.  In this I fell more invested in the characters and their pain.  A little cloak and dagger in this book but fortuitously it didn’t happen much, it did actually help the story line and that was surprising to me.   New ship, some new people, same enemy.  Again nice read.

Book #3  Battle Group Avalon   4.5 STARS
Just a nice read, the reason I dropped half a star was it just didn’t seem to flow as well as the 1st 2 books.  Meaning I was put off my some of the decisions of the higher ups.  It didn’t really seem to make the most sense so I was thrown off my them.  The author didn’t make them dumb but they were not the smartest tacticians, just gave some speed bumps in the reading.

Book #4  Q-Ship Chameleon   3 Stars
This was a book about black ops.  So it is all about spy’s and such, which I don’t like those books.  I knew I wouldn’t like this book as much going in and I was right.  It isn’t because of the author (mostly) but like military sci-fy not spy sci-fy.   The author here does do the making brilliant people stupid act.  SPOILER:  This so called great spy that is in charge of putting this whole thing together screws up time and time again, and we find out he is an Admiral?   Right off the bat the spy gets the sister of the person that tried to assassinate and lead a mutiny against Roberts in the last book.  The spy thought that was great?  Fortunately the sister knew immediately that this was a stupid plan and said I won’t work with him.  Later the spy sends out one of “his” black op personnel to go to a meeting.  This person takes a fighter out and they are trying not to let anyone know they have fighters.  The next hour of reading is people dying because now it is know that this little ship has space fighters on board and pirates want it.

Book #5 Rimward    4 Stars
Back to being about military space.

Book #6 Operation Medusa   3 Stars
Nice ending to the series, but I didn’t see or I missed how story lines from book 1 where closed.  The book was good, but I got the sense that the author didn’t know how to wrap everything up and have it make sense, so he just didn’t.

Read 2020 05+06 via Kindle Unlimited, book 1+2 good enough to buy on Audible afterwards