Day of War (Lion of War #1)

Day of War
Series Number: 1
ISBN: 9780310331858
Read: 2019 07
In ancient Israel, at the crossroads of the great trading routes, a man named Benaiah is searching for a fresh start in life. He has joined a band of soldiers led by a warlord named David, seeking to bury the past that refuses to leave him. Their ragged army is disgruntled and full of reckless men. Some are loyal to David, but others are only with him for the promise of captured wealth. While the…

Nice writing but couldn't finish it. Half way through the book I still didn't know who the book was about. Was it about King David, Johnathan, or this other dude. Half way though and there really were only a chapter or two that actually dealt with now, mostly reminiscing feel.

read from library 07 2019