Exit Wounds

Exit Wounds
Series Number: 3
Published: Jan 2017
Page Count: 257
Read: 2019 09
One night, Jillian Connors returned home to find items taken and her brother, Wesley, missing. Given his history with drug addiction, the police believe he has relapsed and is behind this robbery. Then the phone calls begin. Someone is looking for him and Wesley owes them fifty-thousand dollars. Jillian’s mission is simple. Find her brother before they do.  When she hires Sonoran Security for assistance she is shocked to find out that Ian, her former…

Almost as good as the first 2 books.  It got a little chaotic in the middle, which is a good thing, but for me I was getting disoriented and loosing were I was.  It is good, because that is what the characters were feeling, but I didn’t like it.  Due to this the ending which is well done, I couldn’t help but feel as a cop-out.  This is only because I didn’t see a line from beginning to end leading to the criminal.  Even in hind-sight I see it, but still think it was weak.  Good writing again, then characters were well done and relatable.


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