Flight of the Dragon

Flight of the Dragon
Published: June 28, 2018
Page Count: 252
Read: 2020 01
Zara and Lessie’s adventures continue in book 2 of this dragon rider adventure series, for fans of Eragon and Dragon Riders of Pern! When Zara and Lessie first laid eyes on each other, neither dragon nor rider had any idea of the trials they would have to face together. Now, after several kidnapping and murder attempts, the pair have been transported to a secret location, where they must finish their training under the enigmatic and…

Still a good series, but what I liked in the 1st book, where the author didn’t make her dumb, well she’s dumb now. Some of the things she gets caught on with the bad guy is understandable due to not having knowledge of his ability in an area, but once she knows she doesn’t act with that knowledge. She’s smart and strong, let her be that. Because of this I didn’t immediately sign out the next book. I literally signed out this book before putting down book 1, but it has been a few days and I still don’t have book 3. It is a great story but I have no desire to watch a smart person forced to be dumb. I am hoping in book 3 it is better.

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