Gateway to the Galaxy Universe

Gateway to the Galaxy Universe
Published: 2019
Page Count: 1764
Read: 2020 01
The Arilion Knights have faded to legend. Famed warriors of this galactic order have not been required to fight the darkness in the universe for centuries, until now. Frank Wolffe and Emma Jackson will soon learn that the mantle is heavy. The path is dangerous but what it takes has always lain within. No hero does is alone. Along the way they'll find allies that will become friends. Together they'll roar into the night and…

Gateway to the Galaxy Universe: the Complete Military Space Opera Series Books 1-9

1st off this set is really 2 series combined.  There are 2 main characters and then the last book has a crossover with the 2.

I liked the idea and the implantation.  I thought as I do on a lot of books with military that they make the very good soldier into a dummy.  They don’t do that much here but it is in places that really ticked me off.  A hardened Marine doesn’t day dream in the middle of a battle.  The authors hype up how the MC is ready for this or that and is pumped up and stuff, but then in a blink of an eye puts the character to sleep for all intent and purposes.  I understand why, they had to give the bad guy the upper hand, but isn’t that lazy writing, they couldn’t figure out a way for the bad guy to do this on their own?  And it wasn’t once, but most of the time something happened.  Now I could understand in a situation or two, but not so much through the books.  This was with the Male character, the 2nd set with the female MC I didn’t see it as much, but she is an average teenager so they couldn’t do that, thankfully.


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