Gone without a trace

Gone without a trace
Series Number: 3
Published: 6/30/2015
Page Count: 336
ISBN: 9781441223333
Read: 04 2019
When a high-profile case strikes homicide detective Livy Reynolds as eerily similar to her own cousin's disappearance, she must work with the distractingly handsome Alex Jennings to solve the mystery.

Nice book, but not the way I personally like mysteries. I like seeing everything through the eyes of the one trying to figure it out. I am not a fan of listening to the ramblings of the psychopath. Everyone in this book is seriously damaged. What a horrible world this author created here. Actually there were a few not screwed up. The partner at the beginning of the story, and the sheriff. Between the time she spent going over and over the damaged mindset of her characters and the ramblings of the psychopath she used up probably 60% of the book. So there wasn’t really too much time spent on the actual mystery. She would have a character say a line then spend a paragraph on hashing out the damaged in the mind. And again, the characters really are stupid.


As the story is winding down, as the stakes are getting higher, what do the main 2 characters do, leave the women they are using as bait alone. The one that is being hunted, the one they brought back into the world of danger, left alone. Now he not a seasoned P.I. but not totally a rookie, and she is a seasoned cop, with years as a detective, and they leave the primary witness / victim unprotected. Then when things go wrong we listened to the I should have done this or not that for pages over and over again. Those that are really good at a job, when things get hard or tense, that is when they shine, not screw up. Make up your mind, are your characters good at their good or are they great at their job? Once you decided then have them act that way. Don’t make it like they are great at a job and then make mistake after mistake after mistake. This book didn’t have the mistake after mistake as much as the 2nd book but it is in the series as a whole.