His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire, #1)

Series Number: 1
Published: 3/28/2006
Page Count: 356
ISBN: 978-0-345-48128-3
Aerial combat brings a thrilling new dimension to the Napoleonic Wars as valiant warriors ride mighty fighting dragons, bred for size or speed. When HMS Reliant captures a French frigate and seizes the precious cargo, an unhatched dragon egg, fate sweeps Captain Will Laurence from his seafaring life into an uncertain future – and an unexpected kinship with a most extraordinary creature. Thrust into the rarified world of the Aerial Corps as master of the…

Very Nice.  I really liked the main characters a lot.  I was completely with both Laurence and Temeraire the whole way.  Both were characters you could relate to and would want to be counted as friends of due to their character qualities.  It was a straight forward book, very little side mysteries to distract or cover up short comings of writing.  I literally could not stop reading it, I read it through all at once, I was seriously hooked.


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