Iron Legion Battlebox

Iron Legion Battlebox
Published: 2019
Page Count: 976
Read: 2019 12
James 'Red' Maddox was born in a cloning tube for one purpose: to work. That's all his life offers, just the prospect of decades of back-breaking labor until he dies. That's until a Federation dropship touches down on Genesis-526. Suddenly hard labor doesn't seem so bad, because the Federation Ground Corps needs fresh meat. And they don't take no for an answer... The problem, in Red's eyes, is their 7% survival rate. Until he's offered…

Iron Legion books 1-4


Not my liking for a book.  I don’t enjoy wasting my time following along about people who are just full of themselves, especially when they are bad at what they do.  This book series can be summed up in a quote from the ending of the series.  A computer AI says to the main character.

We have failed at every mission given us.

The MC started off sounding like he was a solid person, able to think rationally and stay calm, but the moment he is put with other people he becomes stupid, arrogant or maybe just wanting to be.  The premise of the books was great, which is why I read all 4 books, but the presentation was wanting.  When done I still don’t know what kind of person the authors wanted him to be.


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