Might, War, Test, Secret of the Dragon books 3-6

Decided to put the rest of the books in 1 review.  OK series overall.  Book 3 and 4 was like book 2 in my liking.  Book 5 and 6 was not back to as good as book 1 but was pretty good.  I did feel kind of a let down with the finale of the 2 plots.  It was logical and understandable but it left me feeling not satisfied, and I don’t know why.  It wasn’t over the top unbelieving, but it felt like it was fluff, not solid.  The text to speech on the Amazon Fire tablet had a hard time with these books.  If it did a sooth job I would recommend to listen to while doing other things but I really don’t suggest the series if you are short on daily time to read, there are better.



Read via Amazon Kindle unlimited.  2020 01