Odyssey One (7 book series)

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About the Author Evan has been writing most of his life in one format or another, and though his post-secondary education was in computer sciences and he has worked in the local lobster industry steadily over the last decade, writing has always been his true passion. In his own words, "It's what I do for fun and to relax. There's not much I can imagine better than being a storyteller." --This text refers to an…

Book 1 – Into the Black  4 Stars
Great beginning to the series.  A different take on use compared to everyone else in the Universe – somewhat like Stargate SG1 where our weapons are so different they work on those that more sophisticated civilizations.  The earth crew is people I can get behind and the main characters from the other worlds I like.  Looking forward to book 2.

Book 2 – The Heart of Matter  3 stars
Okay book, nothing really progressed.  If it wasn’t audio I most likely would have stopped reading.  Just a lot of talk and inward thoughts and what we knew before the book series even started stuff.  Again, if I had to buy this book I would have been very upset.   The Captain really is dumb when it comes to thinking of the big picture.

Book 3 – Homeworld 3 stars

Book 4 – Out of the Black  3 stars
listened to via audio from kindle unlimited.  If I couldn’t listen via audio I would stop this book series.  The ending of this book was so weak because you could see it coming from the beginning of the book.  Everyone was going to die, then a massive group of new ships show up to save the day.


read via Kindle Unlimited 2020