Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire
Series Number: 2
Published: Nov 2014
Page Count: 265
Read: 2019 09
When Stella Adams leaves her family’s construction business, her decision angers her father and alienates her from the rest of her family. Determined to prove her family wrong about her ability to successfully remodel and sell homes, she’s prepared to go it alone. When Matt Anderson arrives on the construction site, she knows the only possible reason for his appearance. Her father sent him. Matt Anderson disappeared from college one night ten years ago and…

This one was good just like 1st book, maybe a little better.  Only slight complaint is over played the male’s history.  It wouldn’t be much but personally I am getting tired of characters that just don’t accept who they are.  If after 20+ or 30+ years of feeling sorry for yourself, you most-likely won’t change. Circumstances can change which will hide it, but if the circumstances change back the self pity will come to light again.



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