Princess of Dragons

Princess of Dragons
Published: jan 17, 2019
Page Count: 352
Read: 2020 03
A disguised princess. A murder most malicious. A dragon condemned to death. Desperate to escape a forced marriage, seventeen-year-old Princess Alba disguises herself to join the all-male Dragon Mage Academy. Her plans go wrong when a dragon accused of murder forms a telepathic link: the deepest possible bond between dragon and rider. And it can only mean one thing: If the dragon is executed, Alba will die. With her fate intertwined with that of the…

I’m not  a fan of reading about idiots.  She is not an idiot but she doesn’t think.  She really is so full of herself, the whole book is about her focused on herself instead of those around her, not enjoyable to read.  The author uses magic to just make up the bad guy.  There is no leading up to the reveal, cause there is not clues.  It shows the laziness of the writing, even though it was a good story.  The idea here isn’t new or novel but it was nicely laid out.  The dragon is also full of herself except when she is crying save me, save me.



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