The Applause of Heaven

The Applause Of Heaven
Published: 3/19/1996
Page Count: 224
ISBN: 9780849913242
It comes from God and it is within your reach ... The applause of heaven.A joy that can't be quenched? A peace that can't be broken? A happiness that can't be threatened?There is such a joy. It is a sacred delight, a holy gladness. You can't open your Bible without reading about it. You can't live a truly satisfying life without it. And it's nearer than you think.Jesus describes that sacred delight in the astonishing…

Nice book for a causal reading to get you to think about Heaven. Mr. Lucado’s early work I liked, but was guarded about. His thinking is in no way aligned with mine. Knowing that I don’t suggest this author for new born Christians due to the ability to be drawn away from the truth. For mature Christians I think his early works is a nice way of getting you to visualize different aspects of things the Bible teaches about.

read early 1990’s

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