The Golden Vial (Legends of the Realm, #3)

The Golden Vial
Series Number: 3
Published: 3/20/2018
Page Count: 298
ISBN: 9780800723873
Read: 2019 07
Lady Shona, the newly crowned queen of the realm, is a leader without a throne. Pursued relentlessly by a dark force, her small contingent of loyal followers must make a difficult choice—flee or fight. Determined to save her land from nefarious threats, Lady Shona decides that she must seek out the enemy and attack them head on—a strategy that leads back to the region of the Three Valleys where Hyam was born. Alas, Hyam has…

Not as good as 1st 2 books but still very nice. Interesting twists that I didn’t see coming, and right at the start of the book. What set this book apart from the previous two is the whining of the main character. Both book 1 and 2 had people come from the same screwed up background, 1 even from the same village, but it was great that they got over themselves really quickly. This one, she didn’t really quit whining till the last few pages of the book, and maybe that was only a reprieve. She had more support from the very beginning then the characters in the other 2 books combined and it did no good.

Did some research to see why maybe this book was different / not as good. Don’t know really but I found some things interesting. The author kept delaying this book coming out due to supposedly a movie deal on another book and then the publisher wanting him to do a different kind of book. I found it interesting that in this book he writes about a slowly killing disease and that is what the felling in the book was with the whining. Did all these distractions slowly make his desire for this book to slowly die out. I worry that there won’t be a 4th book in the series.

Do not mistake my review, it is a great book, just compared to the other 2 it lacks. Looking forward to the 4th book in 5 to 10 years if the publisher gets in the way.


Read via Library book 07 2019
Bought on Amazon and Audible 08 2019