The Last Target

The Last Target
Series Number: 1
Page Count: 340
Read: 20190 10

I couldn't even keep reading it after 20 minutes.  The head of the security firm is SOOOOOO stupid.  The book started off with a bang, literally.  A gunman is trying to kill the main character from distance.  The security team get her and her son into a vehicle and take off, the bad guys come after in 2 vehicle.  They get away and go to the base of the security force.  Nice place.  No guarantee that they weren't tracked.  What does the security team do, take the women outside for a walk, are you kidding me.  She was just shot at from a distance and you take her outside.  Okay, so we will give them this as a whatever.  Next morning is Monday and she should have gone into work, but obviously she won't be.  They get a call, the office building where she works is blown up, so 1st thing security does, takes her to the scene and stands outside.  Even writing this review I am laughing at the stupidity of this.  Also only 1 person goes with her, yesterday they were dealing with 2 cars, again - stupid, stupid, stupid.  I will not waste my time reading something so dumb.


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