The Spiral Wars Books 1-4

Renegade book 1 The Spiral Wars Series
Series Number: 1-4
Published: august 2015
Page Count: 1000
Read: 2019 09
One thousand years after Earth was destroyed in an unprovoked attack, humanity has emerged victorious from a series of terrible wars to assure its place in the galaxy. But during celebrations on humanity’s new Homeworld, the legendary Captain Pantillo of the battle carrier Phoenix is court-martialed then killed, and his deputy, Lieutenant Commander Erik Debogande, the heir to humanity’s most powerful industrial family, is framed with his murder. Assisted by Phoenix’s marine commander Trace Thakur,…

Nice beginning to a Space military series.  There are currently 6 books out and the last book now doesn’t seem to end the series, so I am stopping here till the series is finished, they are all together and at a reprieve I think.  Book 1 after the first 4 chapters really kicks in and goes fast from there.  Book 2 picks up the same fast boom boom pace.  Book 3 was a disappointment.  It leaned more into the espionage style then military fighting so I was not interested at all, skipped a lot through the book.  Also something happens to the sister and that whole story arc I didn’t like or see a need for, I think the end result could have happened with out the arc.  Book 4 picked up the pace again and was military action.  Besides book 3 which took a star off of the rating, there is a lot of useless descriptions given.  The author will describe in detail a room, and the room has nothing to do with the scene.  They could be in any room it made no difference and told you nothing about the people.  This made the story loose its flow to me.  The author did it a lot as well as repeat effects on people.  Meaning they are pulling high G’s, and it seems every time the author fells it necessary to spend a paragraph stating how the vision blurs and can’t speak.  Does the author think the readers are so dumb that after the 2nd or maybe 3rd time they know this.  And the marines are pumped up while in a battle – duh!  You watch the extras on good movies and see items that are deleted scenes, most times the author says it is to keep the story flowing, and these things in this book hindered that.


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