Undetected Book
Undetected Book
Published: 4/29/2014
Page Count: 480
ISBN: 9781441264534
Read: 05 2019
Researcher Gina Gray is on the verge of a breakthrough in sonar technology, but she fears that her impending discovery will only put the lives of those she loves in greater danger.

I’ve read over 100 casual books and this one was tailored made for me.  Everything was perfect about it.  I read a book about US Navy on Memorial Day.  The Navy personnel were not morons, but solid people seeing the responsibilities they had.  A Genius of Geniuses most-likely for the lead female character.  What I know of both of these type of people the author portrays correctly.  The first 70% of the book I refused to not put the book down.  The interaction between a Genius and A Naval Submariner that in a sense she was throwing his way of doing things into new waters was awesome.   Totally acceptable interactions.  I thought at the beginning that the child-like mentality was week but as the book went on it was the right decision.  The Last 30% was mostly just about them getting together and it was like a let down only because the new stuff that was going on till that point was so riveting.

I read as a library loan, it was so good I bought the audio version.